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Fire Starter Sessions

They have begun...


"If you try to keep your most sacred ambitions off your weekly calendar and your most genuine traits off your resume, then you're missing out on the power of real integrity." - The Fire Starter Sessions

"Anything or anyone that does not bring you alive, is too small for you." - David Whyte, poet

Danielle Laporte is an inspiration. I highly recommend this book.

Dream big, you are 'freer than you think you are.'

With Love,

laura mary



Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


You are productive. Hello, 4:30am wakeup call, 6am yoga class, teaching a private yoga session in the park, followed by my own yoga practice. I was ready for you.

Did I mention that there were sea turtles swimming right in front of me?

Is every day as inspiring as today? No. I thought about what life details I wanted to share on my blog, and I decided that I want to share what I am feeling. If and when I go through a really rough time, I am not opposed to sharing my feelings.

The truth is right now, I feel pretty damn good about life. Furthermore, I generally write when I feel good, it’s not that everything in my life is always rosy and peachy, but right now it feels that way. I am writing a lot these days because I have something to share.

It feels really good to share and not hold back. Today was awesome.

As a yoga teacher, I practice standing in my own authentic truth, speaking my mind, and not worrying about what others might think. Today, I was basking in my own truth, in a puddle of savasana, I smiled, hugged my knees to my chest, and was one refreshed and happy girl.

Home Shenanigans:


My amazing new book, in love…

Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


Some green refreshment…

Yoga: Truth and Inspiration


Realization - by standing in my own authentic truth, I inspire.

With Love,

laura mary